5 steps to staying fit without going to the gym

by William on September 2, 2014


People don’t want to go to gym because of many reasons. Some finds it difficult to restrict some of the time from their daily timetable while some others cannot afford it. Whatever the reason is, they are not getting proper exercise for their body. These people are afraid that they are not going to stay fit, but fortunately there are ways to stay fit without going to gym.

Steps to be followed

Drink better quality water: “drink more water” is the common suggestion everyone gets if they pay a visit to a doctor or a nutritionist. Drinking five to six liters of water a day is not a big deal for people but, the reason why they discontinue following this step because people fall sick because of the impurities in water. Almost 3/4th of our body is covered by water and so invest some money in providing better quality water to your body.

Eat well: it is recommended to stay away from the things that add more fat to your body. Eat food that you like most and in regular intervals. Do not starve yourself, thinking that it might consume some fat in your body. In fact it increases the fat because the metabolism rate decreases and the body stores more food you consumed earlier as fat for future purpose. So, eat the food of your wish, maintain consistency and moderation.

Sleep tight and avoid television: every person should get enough sleep every day because it relaxes the body. It rejuvenates the cells, increases the rate of healing, energizes your body and make yourself ready for a fresh day. In order to stay fit people should avoid watching television as much as possible. It is scientifically proven that watching television continuously drops the rate of metabolism which in turn allows your body to store more fat. This is not a welcomed sign. It is also recommended not to sleep near a television set because it will creates toxic substances in our body which will affect the functioning of the organs more negatively.

Improve your knowledge: firstly, know the type of your body, then know about the history of your family health conditions. This will allow you to choose food that suits your body well. Never follow a restricted diet plan, this will affect the metabolism activities and in turn results in gaining body weight. Visualize yourself that you are staying fit. This will show a positive impact on the brain and makes it function accordingly.

Restrict some time in your day for these activities: better keep a pet, it will need some walk everyday which forces you to walk with it. Walking is the most important thing which helps in decreasing the abdominal fat. Restrict sometime of your day for recreational activities. Do the things you likes the most and keep your brain healthy and alive. Healthy brain leads to healthy body.


A person can restrict his own body from building up extra fat and can keep him fit if these steps are followed without fail. Invest some minor amounts if needed, restrict some time because everything comes after staying ourselves healthy.

5 fitness tips that help you if you do exercise at home

by William on September 2, 2014

fitness-clubIt is not always important to go to gym for work out or doing exercises. If you are determined for doing exercises daily and getting healthy then you can even do it at home. By doing right type of exercises and having right type of diet can help you a lot. It sometimes becomes very difficult for getting membership in gym. It can be money problem, conveyance problem and so. Thus, you can now enjoy doing exercises at home. This will save your time and money both.  Here in this article we will talk about five important things that are required for working out at home. Below are the five important points:

1. Shoes: buying correct type of shoes for yourself is the first and foremost thing that you should make sure of while doing work out. Many people think that if they are doing exercise at home then they do not require shoes. But this is wrong you must wear right shoes while exercising anywhere. This has many advantages like it gives your feet proper support, it helps in preventing you from getting injuries and so. Small things make a big difference when you do work out.  Buy a mediocre type of shoes that will not cost you much and will also go for a long time.

2. Bicycle: this is another very important thing if you have planned to do work out at home. This is very good for your health. This will help you in building stamina, increasing your blood flow, flexibility and so on. Doing such type of work out is always beneficial. This is a good investment which is recuperating and will give you only and only lots of benefits.

3. Having a good and fresh food diet: This is very important when you do work out. Real fruit is always better than artificial ones. Artificial fruit means flavored fruit, flavored juices and so. You do not have to take any flavored things it can be very harmful s they have a lot of preservatives in it. Replace your fast food with a very healthy diet.

4. Making a guide: you should always make a guide for yourself. Plan out your everyday work out and guide. When you go to sleep in the night then just before that jot done all the things you have done. Then plan your targets for next day and make sure that if you have missed out anything then it should be completed by the next day.

5. Regular stuff: even when you are not working or doing any house hold work then at that moment also you can do work you. Say movements of hands and legs are very important. Drink lots of water, having small meals, avoiding heavy food, going to nearby place walking and so on are some important points.

It is also important to note down that emotional stress will also be elevated if you do your work outs properly.