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In this Issue of Special Operations Technology

SOF Enabler
Interview with Brigadier General Robert B. Neller
Director, Operations Division, Plans, Policies and Operations Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps

Pulling the Trigger
Improvements in ordnance, optics and mechanics have produced lighter and better grenade launchers. New systems include one that can replace the aging MK19, and USSOCOM is looking for a new system to replace the M203 under-barrel system.

Gently to Earth
Parachutes, parafoils, guidance systems and techniques come together to advance air delivery. Based on requirements from both the special ops community and regular forces, these delivery systems are making real strides forward.

The League of Extraordinary Simulators
Air Force special forces train to extraordinary levels to be able to run a busy airport with military and commercial flights or command multiple combat sorties and differing platforms in the field under grueling combat conditions.

SOF Surface Craft
Whether a few klicks up a river or an over-the-horizon beachhead, littoral insertion of special operations forces is a proven method—and a variety of surface craft help get the job done.

Airborne RED HORSE
The Rapid Engineer Deployable Heavy Operational Repair Squadron bring an ability to service, fix and stabilize just about anything. Their airborne capability make them especially expeditionary.

Interview with Jim McEwan
President and Chief Executive Officer


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